Find It Follow Howard Avenue to its terminus at New Haven Harbor or get off I-95 at Ella T. Grasso Boulevard at exit 44 and follow Sea Street into the City Point Historic District.

Shop It Boston Post Road. Head west from City Point and follow Route 1 toward West Haven, Orange, and Milford. From big box stores to boutiques, and outlets to independent crafts, Boston Post Road is the hub of strip-mall shopping.

Wrap It An often-overlooked no-man’s land section of New Haven, City Point is rich with history and potential. Though the neighborhood has struggled with a shifting landscape along the harbor and name changes and labels, it has retained a proud identity of its very own.


…City Point is a haven for working-class families and professionals commuting to either New Haven or New York City.

Visit It

By New Haven standards, City Point is not an old neighborhood. A young 150-years-old, it was the first planned suburban development in the city. Today, it is a gritty mix of modern urbanity and nearly forgotten history. Once the center of New Haven’s thriving oyster industry, City Point was known as Oyster Point until the latter part of the 19th century.

Caught between residential development and industrial lots, City Point is prone to an occasional identity crisis even now. Neatly bisected by Interstate 95, areas of the neighborhood have developed at different paces and in different directions. Residents sometimes disagree over where they live: City Point, Oyster Point, or Prospect Hill — often referred to as simply “The Hill.”

Regardless of where they live, City Point’s residents will agree it is a friendly close-knit neighborhood where arguments are quickly forgotten. Neighbors greet each other as friends both on the street and in the local market.

City Point was once a rough and tumble neighborhood with a bad reputation. Today, however, the neighborhood is lifting itself up and shedding its seedier past, while retaining its history and lessons. Revitalization efforts have gone a long way to make this area of New Haven a place people and businesses want to be.

Anyone who has ever visited Key West will recognize a unique sub-culture where everyone knows each other’s name — even if they don’t know each other personally. A similar atmosphere of close acquaintance exists in City Point where people are likely to come and go like next-door family.

Live It

City Point is a neighborhood full of potential. In the Historic District, older homes are subject to strict protections and regulations. New Haven Harbor cools City Point with a steady breeze and provides a place to fish, walk, and boat. Whether renting or buying, City Point offers some of the best values to be found anywhere on Long Island Sound.

Close to I-95, City Point is a haven for working-class families and professionals commuting to either New Haven or New York City. Union Station with MetroNorth and Amtrak service are a few minutes away.

Even with the addition of modern high-rise condominiums, City Point remains one of New Haven’s most affordable neighborhoods. Finding waterfront property at City Point prices is unheard of anywhere in New York or New England. A rare commodity, the average rental is around $1,000, but can vary depending on its proximity to, and view of New Haven Harbor.

Expect to invest time waiting and hunting for the right rental. Look for two- and three-story converted homes built during the middle of the last century that may feature exquisite crown molding, rich wood floors, and beautiful fireplaces.

Only a third of City Point’s homes are valued at over $200,000 and real estate prices are just above Connecticut averages. Most are a value for the location alone. Urban improvement drives throughout the last two decades have given the market a needed boost and City Point offers a future filled with potential for current buyers.

Walk It

Bayview Park On a sunny day, follow Long Wharf Trail from Bayview Park in historic City Point to the Long Wharf area. A popular spot to watch ships entering or leaving the New Haven Harbor, Long Wharf offers sweeping views of downtown and New Haven’s waterfront district. 6th Street & Hallock Avenue

Long Wharf Nature Preserve and Trail Explore the tidal basin, salt marsh, and rolling dunes along New Haven Harbor to discover the waterfront’s surprising and intricate ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled (and toes protected!) as you look for cacti that grow among the sea grass mounds. The only cactus native to Connecticut, the rare opuntia humifusa prickly pear blooms in late spring for just one day. Long Wharf Drive (203) 562-6655

Drive It

Trowbridge Square Park and Historic District Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1985, the district is New Haven’s most defining example of a 19th century working-class neighborhood. At the center of the district is Trowbridge Square with a plaque dedicated to the Connecticut Freedom Trail. 164 Cedar Street

Seabluff Beach Relax in the sand, play volleyball, or stroll along the water at one of the largest beaches adjacent to the New Haven metropolitan area. Captain Thomas Boulevard West Haven (203) 937-3651

Barnard Nature Center at West River Memorial Park One of the newest additions to the New Haven Parks System, the nature center is a great place for kids and adults to learn and experience the diversity of the local ecosystem. Keep an eye on one of the three osprey platforms to spot Connecticut’s most powerful birds of prey. 200 Debry Avenue (203) 691-3539

Eat It

City Point Kitchen One part bistro, one part diner, a little bit modern and all beachside, City Point Kitchen is the perfect waterfront spot for a quick or casual breakfast or lunch. The Great Hot Dogs of America are tempting, but try something different with style. Order the Cod Cakes with a side of Cheddar Grits and you’ll be full and happy all day. 98 South Water Street (475) 238-6101

Shell and Bones Oyster Bar & Grill Go for the food, but linger for the wine list and views. From seafood to steaks and a raw bar, Shell and Bones is a fashionable place to see or be seen on New Haven’s waterfront. 100 South Water Street (203) 787-3466

Brazi’s Italian Restaurant Elegant and family friendly, Brazi’s has been serving traditional Italian favorites like lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, and a selection of steaks for 25 years. Save room for the daily dessert specials as the perfect complement to your meal. 201 Food Terminal Plaza (203) 498-2488

New Haven Food Trucks Throughout the day, food trucks line the Long Wharf Greenway that connects the harbor side areas with inland parks. Sample New Haven style street tacos and quick bites while enjoying the salty sea breeze. Long Wharf Drive

See It

The Historic City Point Mission Renamed the New Light Holy Church 50 years ago, the Mission has been an integral part of City Point since the mid-19th century. According to local lore, during the three weeks in 1881 when engineers moved the building up Howard Avenue, the Mission remained open, holding services in the middle of the block. 198 Howard Avenue (203) 776-0158

Long Wharf Theater Celebrating its 50th season on the waterfront, the award-winning Long Wharf Theater remains a leader in American theater. From classic plays to premiers from new writers, the theater produces six plays a year for an audience of over 100,000. 222 Sargent Drive (203) 787-4282

It Adventure Ropes Course Rain or shine, enjoy adrenaline-induced indoor adventures with the kids at the Jordan’s Furniture complex. The New England retail giant is home to a five-story indoor arena featuring two ropes courses. Ride the 180-foot zip line over a pool of dancing fountains or take one of four climbing challenges. 40 Sargent Drive (203) 812-9981

Dog It

Bayview Park A small park in the Historic District with access to some water-side trails. Help protect nearby sensitive ecosystems and keep your best friend on a leash. 6th Street and Hallock Avenue

Long Wharf Greenway A mile long sidewalk fronting New Haven Harbor is a popular spot for dog walkers. Long Wharf Drive